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Exploring the Future of eSTOL Simulator Events with BurstixTV at Music City STOL

Exploring the Future of eSTOL Simulator Events: Our First Scenery for the eSTOL Season of Events Kicks Off with National STOL Series' Music City STOL

In the ever-evolving world of aviation, where technology and passion meet, a new frontier is emerging – eSTOL Simulator Events. In a recent interview between BurstixTV and STOLNation, we delved into the exciting world of eSTOL Simulator events and how they are poised to reshape the STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) and backcountry aviation industry.

Practice Makes Perfect

The backdrop for our discussion was the Music City eSTOL Competition, held just days before the actual National STOL Series' Music City STOL event in Gallatin, TN. This eSTOL event served as a preliminary practice event. In fact, eSTOL enthusiasts have been busy honing their skills in a series of preliminary events since the release of Johnson's Farm scenery in June These events, numbering around so far, have primarily taken place at Johnson's Farm.

But why these practice events, you may wonder? According to BurstixTV, they are essential for several reasons. They allow judges and pilots to perfect their techniques, fine-tune STOL courses, and classify different aircraft into specific categories. Even in their preliminary nature, these events have seen competitors vying for accurate scores and announced placements.

The Uncharted Territory of eSTOL Simulator Events

What's particularly intriguing is that eSTOL events are introducing many in the flight simulator community to the world of STOL competitions. In the Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) community, the focus had traditionally been on airliners, with a smaller group passionate about bush flying and general aviation. The shift towards Bush Flying, STOL, and GA is a relatively new phenomenon for many MSFS users.

The growth of the current MSFS title, thanks to advancements in technology, has been significant. As graphics continue to improve in the forthcoming 2024 MSFS title, the Bush Flying and STOL community is poised for even more expansion. BurstixTV points out that these practice events have garnered increasing interest from spectators. It's fascinating to note that some viewers transitioned from watching to participating in the events, even if they didn't secure top placements initially.

eSTOL's Ascent in the Sim World

When it comes to participants, the eSTOL practice events have seen between 6 to 12 competitors on any given day. While the Bush, STOL, and GA scene is rapidly growing in the sim world, the majority of content creators on platforms like Twitch and YouTube still gravitate towards flying airliners. BurstixTV's mission with these preliminary events is clear – to introduce the community to STOL, provide a low-stress environment for trying it out, foster friendly competition, and generate excitement for the upcoming kick-off event.

The Path Forward

The culmination of these practice sims events will be the eagerly anticipated kick-off event scheduled for late September or early October This event marks the first formal eSTOL competition with the National STOL Series’ support and involvement. BurstixTV and the organizing team are diligently working behind the scenes to ensure it's a polished and memorable production for everyone involved.

In a bid to further spread the word, BurstixTV encourages aviation enthusiasts to participate, compete, or simply watch these practice events. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn about STOL, experience it in a stress-free environment, and contribute to the growing eSTOL community. BurstixTV emphasizes that this project is all about having fun while fostering growth and enjoyment for everyone involved.

Bridging the Gap

As BurstixTV reflects on his journey, he underscores the potential for bringing the simulator and real-life aviation worlds closer together. For those in the IRL (In Real Life) aviation community who might not yet be aware of the advanced capabilities of modern flight simulation, there's a world of discovery waiting. Similarly, members of the sim community could benefit immensely from exploring the wonders of real-world aviation, from airshows to STOL competitions.

Popular eSTOL Aircraft Take Flight

It's worth noting that popular STOL aircraft  are available to fly in these eSTOL events; including Cessna, Carbon Cub, Kitfox, Zenith and many more.  These iconic aircraft add to the excitement and variety of the competition, showcasing the diversity of the eSTOL world.


The eSTOL revolution is well underway, and these practice simulator events have set the stage for something truly remarkable. As we look forward to the kick-off event later this year, it's clear that eSTOL events are not just about competition but also about building an inclusive aviation community. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a newcomer to the world of STOL, there's something exciting on the horizon, and BurstixTV is at the forefront, guiding us toward new aviation adventures.

For more updates and to witness the eSTOL events in action, don't forget to visit BurstixTV's Twitch channel. The future of aviation is taking off, and you won't want to miss it!

eSTOL Sims Competition at Music City STOL KXNX!

Check it out now and take your STOL practice runs at Music City Gallatin, TN in a virtual world!

If you’re a STOL Pilot interested in competing in the kick-off  eSTOL event scheduled for September/October 2023, please contact BurstixTV at

Here are some best-of clips from Farm STOL for more eSTOL action: (edited)

Here are the results from the 2023 Music City eSTOL event

2023 Music City eSTOL - Heat 1 Results
2023 Music City eSTOL - Heat 1 Results
2023 Music City eSTOL - Heat 2 Results
2023 Music City eSTOL - Heat 2 Results

By Anitra Goddard, STOLNation