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Airplanes and Coffee is a 501(C3) non-profit organization. Our Mission is to Secure the Future of Aviation.

The Future of AVIATION starts HERE!

You probably already know that the airline industry is dealing with a shortage of the pilots and mechanics they need to keep their scheduled flights on time. Delays and cancelations are becoming more the norm. What you may not know is the economic impact this is having on the US and global economy. This problem is projected to only get worse. The issues the airlines are having is mirrored in general aviation. Airplanes and Coffee has dedicated itself to an ambitious series of events to reach more people to educate about the opportunities and inspire them to get involved in aviation. We can not achieve our goals without you so please join us.

When you join Airplanes and Coffee.  Your membership dollars will be put to good use:

  • Holding more, bigger, and better fly-ins
  • Providing more free discovery flights for those who have never been in a small airplane before
  • Visiting schools to introduce aviation as a career possibility to more students
  • Providing more scholarships for those enrolled in aviation related programs and schools.

The shortage of pilots and mechanics needed to keep the U.S. and global aircraft fleet in the air and the devistating economic impact that brings is real.  

Together we can Secure the Future of Aviation

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