Acme Aero


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Business Status: Active

Acme Aero is the sister company of The Speed Company, Inc., which was formed in 2004 by Matt McSwain. 

Founded in 2012, Acme’s focus is to facilitate design and manufacture aircraft components and suspensions.

Since conception, Acme Aero prides themselves on the ability to solve problems through innovative and durable solutions. Whether it be a complete suspension system for tailwheel-style aircraft or a custom gear for a UAV, Acme Aero is able to leverage their talents and manufacturing capabilities to create a quick, cost effective and high performing products; all made in house.

Proudly owned and operated by veterans, Acme is proud to facilitate all manufacturing and assembly in the United States. As avid and certified pilots, Acme provides a one-stop shop from the concept phase, to the research and development, to testing, and eventually the production of each of our cutting-edge products.

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