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Boise, IN

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At AeroLEDs, we believe that innovation is equal parts inspiration and perspiration. Since our inception in 2006, we embarked on a mission to redefine the expectations of modern LED aerospace lighting.

Entering the aerospace lighting market, which had remained largely unchanged for 50 years and in drastic need of a new product with a fresh look and unequaled performance, AeroLEDs created the first LED-based airplane lights, forever changing the aerospace lighting market and raising the standard for performance and quality.

Hungry for new ideas, backed by a company that values the patronage, customers quickly adopted the new standard of quality, design and performance for airplane lights never seen before in the industry. As a result, legacy manufacturers of airplane lights were forced to respond by introducing look-alike products, in an effort to stay relevant in a once stagnant market.

Over the past 16 years, AeroLEDs installations ranging from the Experimental and 23 markets up to the space and military applications, with over 15 tactical military platforms, featuring products in both overt and covert operations – AeroLEDs continues to lead the industry in design, reliability, and unsurpassed performance. Unique in its presence and unmatched in its perseverance, AeroLEDs serves the aviation market from one spectrum to the next, moving this important safety requirement of airplane lighting from a forgotten necessity to a desired accessory.